SDEAS Advocacy Program Services 

The SDEAS Deaf Advocacy Program raises public support and brings people together in working for resolution of Deaf issues and in advocating for the rights of Persons With Disabilities, accessibility, equality, and cross-cultural awareness.

Consultation on Deaf Access and PWD Inclusion 

A team of Deaf leaders and disability rights experts may guide your organization in its attempt to provide equal access to information, education, health services, and employment opportunities.

Deaf Awareness Orientation

The Deaf Awareness Orientation (DAO) is a two to three-hour training designed to enable hearing individuals to engage and empathize with the Deaf. The DAO allows hearing participants to have a firsthand exposure to Filipino Sign Language and Filipino Deaf culture.

The usual content of the DAO is:

  • Acceptable and unacceptable terms to use
  • Misconceptions about Deafness
  • Laws
  • Disability Perspective
  • Communicating with the Deaf
  • Working with the Deaf (usually for companies)
  • Introduction to Filipino Sign Language

Customised Filipino Sign Language Crash Course 

We can create a context-specific module for organizations that prefer a 1 to 2-hour crash course type of workshop on Basic Filipino Sign Language. The workshop may cover specific vocabulary and phrases useful for day-to-day conversations. 

Young Deaf Summit 

The Young Deaf Summit (YDS) is an annual gathering of Deaf youth leader-advocates from all over the Philippines. High school deaf and hard-of-hearing students are provided with various training opportunities to further hone their leadership capability and to empower them to advocate for their own rights.


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