Enroll in Deaf Studies: Be An Empowered Deaf Leader-Advocate


As the leading Deaf educational institution in the Philippines, De La Salle-College of Saint
Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS) takes pride in its bachelor’s
degree for Applied Deaf Studies. 
What is Deaf Studies? The Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST) program started out as a
certification program that SDEAS offers to deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Years later, it
evolved into a Bachelor program.  
Deaf Studies allows the Deaf learner to study their own identity, language, culture, and
communities. The program also ensures that the Deaf heritage and culture is preserved, valued,
and nurtured.  Apart from cultivating Deaf heritage, BAPDST also strives to empower Deaf
learners to become productive and active members of their communities and the nation at
large. Deaf graduates are able to work, lead, volunteer, advocate for their rights, and eventually
realize their full potential as part of society.
According to Francis Ethelbert Pagaduan, an SDEAS alumnus, the Deaf Studies program helped
him become more aware of the society he is living in. “The teachers incorporated into their
lessons Deaf awareness and taught me to be open-minded about the Deaf identity; things
happening in the news, for instance, the topic of bullying, the sign for it, what it means, and
other related topics about what is happening in the community and etcetera,” he said in an
The same sentiment was also expressed by Ma. Anaditha Angcay, another BAPDST graduate
who now works as a Credit Analyst at an international finance company. Anaditha shared that
the program developed in her a more informed way of perceiving herself as part of the Deaf
community, “It made me realize the things we don’t know about the community, and how we
hide our deafness.” Her insights also empowered her to be among some of the known opinion
leaders within the community. She shared, “These learnings enabled me to inspire the Deaf
community to be proud of our deafness and advocate for this.”  
Apart from molding future leaders and advocates, the Deaf Studies program also offers three
tracks that students can choose from as their specialization: Visual Media Arts,
Entrepreneurship, and Business Outsourcing and Services Management.  
Visual Media Arts prepares students for careers related to graphic design and computer
imaging. Here, learners are trained in basic web design and media production.
Entrepreneurship prepares learners to set up, operate, and manage micro to small businesses.
Lastly, the Business Outsourcing and Services Management develops learners to work in the
ever-expanding business outsourcing field. Students under this track will learn creative industry
skills and basic skills necessary for coding. 

SDEAS Chairperson Ms. Arce, a Deaf person herself who has been teaching Deaf studies for
almost a decade summarized what the BAPDST program is about, “Our goal is bicultural
education, meaning students learn two cultures—Deaf and Hearing cultures. We share our
cultures. We share our languages. We only have one goal as educators—to give the best for our
Deaf students, so that they may succeed in the future.”
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Grade 12 students or high school graduates can now apply for the 1st
term of the Academic Year 2023-2024. Just take notes of the listed dates below: 
College Application Period: 

● Batch 1: October 17 to December 15, 2022 
● Batch 2: January 5 to March 15, 2023 
● Batch 3: March 16 to April 15, 2023 

Release of Results Online: 
May 31, 2023 
Start of Classes: 
August 2023 (1st term, AY 2023-2024) 
If you are interested in applying for this program, please click on this link: bit.ly/csbdeafapplication. For more information, please like and follow Benilde SDEAS on Facebook.