Our SDEAS Facilities

​ PEN-International Multimedia Learning Center

The PEN MLC is  designed to be a multi-purpose venue for active learning of the students and faculty of the school of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. 

As a multimedia classroom it can comfortably seat 20 students with access to computers that can run photo and video creation softwares used by industry. The U-shaped classroom is equipped with its own teacher accessible computer, 2 whiteboards  and 2 smart TVs.   The room can also be converted to a presentation room that can comfortably seat 30-50  people, a meeting room, rehearsal room, workshop space,  and a mini-studio.  

The Multimedia ​Learning Center was made possible by a generous grant to the De La Salle  – College of Saint Benilde by The Nippon Foundation through P​EN​-International  and  was formally inaugurated on the 27th day of January 2003 coinciding with the College’s celebration of Teacher’s Day in commemoration of the proclamation of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de la salle, as the patron Saint of all teachers.

PEN–International Learning Center

Inaugurated on March 6, 2006, the  PEN-International LC  is a resource and development center for Deaf education and learner-centered teaching.  

It can accommodate  18 students with computers that can run software/s used for office and presentation applications. There is a computer for the teacher that is attached to two (2)  smart TVs.  The room, set up in a semi-circle, also has 2 glassboards  and can be used in a hybrid set up. 

 The creation of the Learning Center was made possible by a generous grant to De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde by The Nippon Foundation of Japan through PEN-International.

Studio Lab

Envisioned to be a  creative lab for video and photo shoots and editing, the Studio lab can be used by a small group for media productions.  It has three (3)  high-end editing computers, studio light,  colored backdrops, and cameras with tripods.

Rm 504 Hybrid Classroom

The regular sized classroom can safely and comfortably fit in 15 students  in a face to face mode.  The hybrid classroom is equipped with a OBSBOT camera that follows the presenter’s hand signals, and the teacher’s computer with smart TVs, a computer monitor, and 4 glassboards.   The room can also be used for small group discussions, workshops, and meetings.

SDEAS A and B Classroom

SDEAS has 2 small classrooms that can fit 15-16 students. The SDEAS classrooms are all equipped with a smart TV and teacher’s computer and glassboards around the room. 

PEN Conference Room

The PEN Conference Room is mainly used for small meetings. On occasions, it is used for special student presentations and workshops.

Volunteers' Corner

A Deaf space where Deaf volunteers can gather for small meetings, update each other,  and prepare for their events.

Consultation Room

A multi use space for consultations, tutorials, feedback sessions. Room can accommodate  3-5 people.