The SDEAS Research Program

Guided by Benilde’s Institutional Research Agenda, the SDEAS Research program aims to develop a research culture that is accessible and appropriate for the Deaf and produce research work that would contribute to the building of academic literature in Filipino Sign Language, Filipino Deaf Studies, Deaf Education and Formation, Sign language interpreting, and Deaf inclusion and access.  

The SDEAS Research Agenda

The current research agenda of SDEAS focuses on the following areas: (1) Deaf studies, (2) Deaf education, (3) Deaf formation, (4) Filipino sign language (FSL), (5) sign language interpreting, and (6) Deaf inclusion and access. 

Deaf Studies includes topics related to Deaf heritage, culture, identity, community, formation, and counseling. While Deaf Education involves topics related to academics such as: curriculum, industry and community responsiveness, bilingual education, teacher training, teacher development, technology, teaching and learning strategies, service learning, deaf school development, and program development. Deaf Formation focuses on extra and co-curricular programs and services provided by the school to ensure the students’ and associates’ holistic growth and development. This includes Lasallian formation for the Deaf, accompaniment, student involvement, values, personal development, and human resources formation. 

The theme Filipino Sign Language (FSL) investigates sign linguistics, sign language learning and teaching, and FSL use in different contexts. Whereas the Sign Language Interpreting theme encompasses topics related to interpreter education, interpreting practice, learning, training interpreters, language use, ethics, and interpreter’s welfare. Finally, Deaf Inclusion and Access includes topics on information dissemination in families, communities, workplace, media, schools; advocacy; law and policies; continuing education; and other institutions, perspectives of hearing and Deaf, technology, and disaster/emergency preparedness and response.

Research Program Services

Research Consultations
The SDEAS Research Coordinator is available for research consultations.

Research Capacity Building and Training Sessions
SDEAS holds Brown Bag Sessions and other training sessions to develop the research skills needed by the SDEAS community. 

Collaborative Research Work
SDEAS believes that research is a collaborative effort and that doing research on Deaf related topics should mean working “with” the Deaf and not working “for” the Deaf. Thus, SDEAS encourages collaborative multidisciplinary research teams composed of various individuals from diverse backgrounds and specializations.

Research Colloquiums
SDEAS Research Colloquiums are held at the end of the school year to showcase the different researches that were done by SDEAS Faculty and Associates, and external researchers who collaborated with SDEAS and conducted research work with the SDEAS community.

SDEAS Research Request Review

All research requests that involve SDEAS Faculty, Associates or students have to be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor (for external requests) or by the SDEAS Dean (internal requests). The SDEAS Research Coordinator will guide the requesting researcher to navigate through the SDEAS Research Protocol.

Contact Information 

The SDEAS Research Program 
Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM