SDEAS Alumni

Deaf Employment Program – The SDEAS Employment Program works with various companies and organizations for the gainful employment of Deaf Benildean graduates. Career placement assistance is provided to SDEAS alumni, while partner organizations looking to hire Deaf individuals are provided assistance in recruiting, engaging, and training Deaf employees.
Job Matching & Placement – We focus on finding the right fit for both the Deaf applicant and the employer.
Deaf Career Coaching – We mentor the Deaf to be fully adjusted in their workplaces and careers.
FSL Interpreter Support – We provide free interpreter support from the job interview to Day 1 onboarding.
Filipino Sign Language classes – This program provides hearing individuals with basic sign language competency while gaining understanding and appreciation of the Filipino Deaf community’s unique language and culture.
Apprenticeship and Internship – Give our deaf students a chance to learn actual skills at work by becoming interns in your company.  
Industry-Academe Collaboration
  • Co-Curricular Structures and Support Services – Mentors and formators of the Deaf share their experiences and best practices in designing and implementing student activities for and with the Deaf in terms of athletics, spirituality, leadership, sports, performing arts, career, volunteerism, and  entrepreneurship.
  • Conversations on Deaf Education – Partner organizations may collaborate with SDEAS in creating specialized trainings for the professional development of the Deaf, and provide feedback for the enhancement of the existing Deaf Studies Curriculum.
  • Capacity Building and Business Training – Share your knowledge and experience with aspiring deaf entrepreneurs by facilitating workshops or serving as a mentor.
  • Skills Development Training – Work with us in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals through CSR activities aiming to enable and empower deaf
  • Deaf-owned Startup Business – Partner and collaborate with SDEAS to fund a startup business owned and managed by deaf individuals.
  • Event Sponsorship – Support budding deaf entrepreneurs by sponsoring school-based events and student-led business ventures.