Student Life

The Center for Deaf Esteem and Formation is in-charge of the Holistic formation of the Deaf and the Associates that work with them/ and those who have direct involvement through programs/activities that compliments academic learning so that everyone will reach their full potential and will have the necessary awareness to initiate or take part in group efforts to improve their life as individuals, and that of the Filipino Deaf people.


The C-DEAF commits itself to helping Deaf students develop self-esteem, and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to achieve their educational and life goals by deepening their faith, building up their self-confidence, self-determination and concern for others.  Since the SDEAS Faculty and Parents of the Deaf Learners have a role in their transformation, C-DEAF shall likewise create and direct necessary initiatives and interventions to contribute in the transformation of the SDEAS community; as well as in the transformation of the Parents to be effective partners in the education of their Deaf children.

Lasallian Ministry Program for the Deaf

The Lasallian Ministry Program for the Deaf (LMPD) guides the spiritual and faith formation of Benilde SDEAS. In collaboration with the Center for Lasallian Ministry, LMPD provides members of the SDEAS community access to various church activities inside and outside of the College. LMPD seeks to empower Deaf Benildeans by helping them realize their unique identity and individual worth as they serve God and others.


Benilde SDEAS, through its Leadership and Involvement Program (LIP), provides opportunities for Deaf students to lead and work within a team as well as be accountable and creative while developing their athletic and artistic skills inside and outside the College of Saint Benilde.


Benilde SDEAS, through its Student Support Program, offers services in support of its students’ academic success and holistic development as future leader-advocates in their respective communities. SDEAS provides various support services to enrich the students’ academic performance, social skills, and overall well-being.


The SDEAS Leadership and Involvement Program

The SDEAS Student Support Program

Social Responsibility and Outreach Program

The SDEAS Social Responsibility and Outreach Program (SROP) provide opportunities for SDEAS students to develop social awareness, concern for the environment, country, and others through volunteerism and service to marginalized communities.