Alumni Association SDEAS Chapter

Ma. Anaditha Angcay


A seasoned professional in the realm of credit analysis, currently serving as a Credit Analyst at Global Payments Process Centre Inc. With a career spanning over a decade, she has honed her skills and expertise across various facets of credit assessment. Beginning as a Masterfile Data Analyst, she swiftly transitioned into roles such as Credit Processor before assuming her current position. Anaditha’s proficiency extends to managing high-risk portfolios, conducting shadow underwriting, facilitating credit approvals, and overseeing sanctions screening. Her unwavering commitment to accuracy and compliance, coupled with her extensive industry knowledge, renders her an indispensable member of her organization’s credit team.

Jamilla Angela H. Aquino


Is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in customer service and education. Currently serving as a Part-Time Faculty member at DLS-College of Saint Benilde, School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies, she brings expertise in Business Outsourcing Services Management. With previous roles as a Customer Care Representative at Carelon Global Solutions and Customer Services Representative at 24/7 AI, Jamilla has demonstrated proficiency in utilizing computerized systems, troubleshooting, and providing exceptional customer support. Her dedication to excellence and passion for education make her a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Justine Camille M. Javier


Is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted career spanning both corporate and community engagement. Currently serving as a Credit Processor at Global Payments Process Centre Inc., she excels in document processing and report retrieval essential for comprehensive applicant assessment. Simultaneously, Justine demonstrates her commitment to social welfare and inclusivity as a Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Signer, Volunteer, and Facilitator at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Benilde Well-Being Center. Through her role, she not only translates information into FSL but also conducts webinars on mental health tailored for the Deaf community in the Philippines. Justine’s blend of corporate proficiency and community advocacy embodies a holistic approach to professional and societal contributions.