The SDEAS Leadership and Involvement Program

Benilde SDEAS, through its Leadership and Involvement Program (LIP), provides opportunities for Deaf students to lead and work within a team as well as be accountable and creative while developing their athletic and artistic skills inside and outside the College of Saint Benilde.

Deaf Sports Program

Through its various in-campus and off-campus activities, the SDEAS Deaf Sports Program supports the well-being of SDEAS students and associates as well as promotes the distinct values of Benildean sportsmanship

Deaf Performing Arts Program

The Deaf Performing Arts Program develops the character of Deaf performers and instills in them the Benildean Values needed to become trailblazing artists capable of contributing to their own communities. The Program also advocates for Deaf awareness among hearing audiences through the various performance engagements of SDEAS’ Deaf student artists.

Leadership and Involvement Services

Deaf Festival

Established in 1995, the SDEAS Deaf Festival is an annual celebration of Deaf culture and identity. Deaf and hearing people from all over the Philippines are invited to join various student-led activities such as, exhibits, bazaars, seminar-workshops, sports events, cultural shows, etc.

Leadership Training

Deaf student leaders go through rigorous training to learn the necessary skills, attitudes, and values needed to organize student activities and take on leadership roles.

Deaf and Hearing Friendship Game

The Deaf and Hearing Friendship Game is an annual friendly sports competition for Deaf and hearing Benildeans including basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis events. It serves a breather from academic-related stress as it facilitates camaraderie between Deaf and hearing students.

Sports Training

Deaf student-athletes of SDEAS attend regular training sessions for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and chess in preparation for intercollegiate, national, and international competitions.

Ability Games

The SDEAS Cup is a major sports competition every year that brings together at least one-hundred deaf participants from different schools and communities across NCR. This athletics competition includes basketball and volleyball.

Dance and Theater Workshops

Dance and Theater Workshops are provided to train Deaf Benildeans to confidently express themselves and to promote awareness and appreciation of Deaf culture while doing so. At the end of each Theater Workshop, students showcase their newly-acquired skills through a stage performance.

Visual and Gestural Workshop for Parents

The Parents’ Visual and Gestural Workshop is a 2-3 hour session that aims to strengthen the bond between SDEAS parents and their children as it provides hearing parents information regarding Deaf culture and equips them with strategies to communicate and stay in touch with their Deaf children. Through this activity, SDEAS Parents are acknowledged and empowered as valuable partners in forming Benildean Deaf Leader-Advocates.

Stage Performances

Silent Steps, the official Deaf Dance Group of Benilde SDEAS, is invited to perform in various school and corporate events.

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