Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies

The Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST) Program, under the Deaf Studies major, allows the Deaf learner to study their own identity, language, culture, and communities so that they are able to work, lead, mentor, volunteer, and advocate for their rights, self-determination, and work for the realization of their full potential, ensuring that the Deaf heritage is preserved and culture valued and nurtured. Deaf Studies strives to empower the Deaf learners to become productive and active members of their communities and the nation at large.

The BAPDST Program is a ten (10) term degree under the Deaf of the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. Classes are self-contained and practice the bilingual-bicultural philosophy.

Tracks of Specialization

While the major course is Deaf Studies, students can choose between 3 tracks of specialization.


The Visual Media Arts Track prepares students for careers related to graphic design and computer imaging. Learners are trained in website, interactive, and print production.


The Entrepreneurship Track prepares learners to setup, operate, and manage micro to small businesses.


The Business Outsourcing and Services Management Track develops learners to work in the ever-expanding business outsourcing field. The students will learn skills related to the creative industry as well as basic skills necessary for coding.

BAPDST Program Goals

  •  To become holistic, nationalistic, and value-laden leader advocates who actively work towards the acceptance, understanding, appreciation, and enrichment of the Filipino Deaf identity and culture.
  •  To acquire relevant work skills in order to become effective, efficient, and ethical career professionals.
  • To develop qualities that will enable positive engagement and collaboration with diverse individuals in local and global communities.

BAPDST Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the BACHELOR IN APPLIED DEAF STUDIES, students are expected to:

  • PO1: Use Filipino Sign Language (FSL) and written language to express ideas in order to address the communication needs of the Deaf in society through the application and appreciation of the rules of grammar of both FSL and a written language.
  • PO2: Value Deaf and hearing culture to advocate inclusion and continuous collaboration by conducting workshops and facilitating immersion activities for the Benildean community and its partners.
  • PO3: Analyze local and international disability policies to propose new legislation, recommend amendments, and advocate the implementation of existing laws working with Persons with Disabilities (PWD) community and government agencies.
  • PO4: Acquire basic applied research skills on varied topics, including Filipino Deaf issues, to contribute to the development and archiving of resources for the improvement of Deaf lives by applying research skills and methods.
  • PO5: Apply concepts of Deaf community building in the context of the Lasallian mission to empower Deaf people and produce Deaf servant leaders through actual community exposure and engagement.
Upon completion of he BACHELOR IN APPLIED DEAF STUDIES, students under the VISUAL MEDIA ARTS TRACK are expected to:
  • PO6: Translate abstract ideas and concepts to drawings or mock-ups using freehand or the computer to demonstrate creativity and skill in problem-solving.
  • PO7: Apply different theories and principles in creating various visual-based projects to demonstrate grasp of the rules of composition and design.
  • PO8: Produce different visual-based projects through different tools, equipment, and applications used in the creative industry to demonstrate technical skills and capability.
Upon completion of the BACHELOR IN APPLIED DEAF STUDIES, students under the ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRACK are expected to:
  • PO6: Formulate strategies, feasibility studies, and marketing plans based on environmental and internal situational analysis to demonstrate correct study of the market, segmentation, and customer information.
  • PO7: Create innovative, feasible and quality products and services imbued with social responsibility through the creation of a prototype product or service.
  • PO8: Demonstrate skills in records keeping, analyzing business transactions and reports to demonstrate Lasallian and Benildean values through legal and ethical guidelines.
  • PO6: Apply business processes through concepts and design based on the demand in the areas of human resources, office operations, and customer relations.
  • PO7: Create projects to demonstrate skills in computer applications through word processing, web creation, programming, database creation, among others.
  • PO8: Independently execute projects to deliver assigned tasks effectively and efficiently in work at home or in a company environment through business concepts

Contact Information

Applied Deaf Studies Program
Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

For video calls in Filipino Sign Language (FSL) only, please make a video call with Mr. Charvie – 09175638930 (Viber).

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