Continue Learning After Graduation

Depending on your career path and professional development needs, you may collaborate with SDEAS for a variety of specialized trainings.

Leadership Trainings
Leadership trainings may be conducted for SDEAS alumni who intend to apply for promotion.

English for General Purposes 
This is a remedial course designed to assist Deaf college graduates who have difficulties communicating in written English.

English for Specific Purposes 
An English for Specific Purposes program focused on written communication used in the actual work setting may be developed in collaboration with the partner organization.

Financial Literacy 
This workshop for SDEAS alumni includes topics related to managing personal finance, money and investing.

Education on Social Entrepreneurship 
Through various seminars, SDEAS graduates are equipped with skills to establish small scale businesses that would make a positive impact on society.

Other Continuing Professional Education Trainings 
The SDEAS Training Coordinator designs and conducts professional development sessions for the SDEAS alumni as a response to their professional needs. 

Contact Information

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