The SDEAS Social Entrepreneurship and Fundraising Program

The SDEAS Social Entrepreneurship and Fundraising Program provides necessary training support, network, and guidance to Deaf students and alumni in establishing their businesses. It also raises resources for the learning needs of SDEAS scholars and the enterprising needs of its deaf students and alumni.  Partner companies, organizations, and individuals may collaborate with SDEAS in supporting and empowering aspiring Deaf entrepreneurs.

SDEAS Employment Program Services for Partner Companies, Organizations, and Individuals 

Capacity Building and Business Training
To equip students with the necessary business agility to thrive in today’s competitive market environment, Benilde SDEAS invites industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences by serving as guest lecturers and mentors to young deaf entrepreneurs. 

Apprenticeship and Internship
Partner companies and business-owners give aspiring Benildean deaf entrepreneurs a chance to learn actual business operation and management by providing them internship opportunities.

 Skills Development Training
Benilde SDEAS collaborates with organizations and individuals as they facilitate relevant corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, such as skills development training sessions for aspiring deaf entrepreneurs. 

Deaf-owned Startup Business 
Benilde SDEAS can link investors with promising startup businesses owned and managed by deaf individuals.

Event Sponsorship 
School-based events and student-led business ventures are great opportunities for partners to support budding deaf entrepreneurs as well as promote their products to the Benildean community. 

Corporate Giving 
Companies may partner with Benilde SDEAS as they invest in Deaf education through a corporate giving program. 

Contact Information

SDEAS Social Entrepreneurship and Fundraising Program
Center for Partnership and Development
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